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Kawasaki Water Business Network FY2022 General Assembly

Updated:Aug 23, 2022
Commemorative lecture by Chairman Koizumi

The Kawasaki Water Business Network (KaWaBiz NET) held the Kawasaki Water Business Network FY2022 General Assembly on Friday, July 15, 2022, at the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Hall. As with last year, due to Covid-19 this year's assembly was once again conducted using a hybrid style, both online and face-to-face.
The event was attended by 83 people (of whom 32 attended online), including Chairman Koizumi (Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Science Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University), Special Advisor Fukuda (Mayor of Kawasaki City), Special Advisor Kusakabe (Chairman of the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce), 53 members, 11 supporting organizations, and observers.
The General Assembly started with a report on the activities of FY 2021, followed by a confirmation hearing among assembly members for the FY2022 agenda covering three points; 1) undertakings toward achieving our projects, 2) providing information to members, and 3) disseminating information abroad.
This was followed by a presentation by Osawa, the Chief Management Officer of Kawasaki City Waterworks, titled "Ten Years of The Kawasaki Water Business Network Progress," as a lookback and report on the ten years since KaWaBiz NET was established. Then Chairman Koizumi gave a commemorative lecture, titled "Future Expectations for Kawasaki Water Business Network," stressing the importance of enhancing relations with municipal bodies and promoting collaboration between members in order for KaWaBiz NET to proceed to the next stage.
KaWaBiz NET will continue to function as a public-private networking platform that strives to enhance the international water environment through achievements in water business.

In-person and online
Total 83 persons
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